Hello, World

Written by Alex Mills

Hello and welcome to the new website! Things have been a little dark around these parts, so I decided to shed some light on what’s been going on and what is coming next. First, what are we building?

The main project in development now is called Telemetry and is a new software controller to enable an agriculture-focused wireless network for monitoring and controlling of pumps and water tanks. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we’re taking off-the-shelf and proven commercial-grade products and writing the software around them. The system uses long range Wi-Fi which enables us to use protocols that run on standard IP networks like SNMP, Modbus, and HTTP, the beauty of which, opens a wide world of products that suddenly become field deployable. We’ll go into detail about the components of the system in the next few articles…

Ubqiuiti Wi-Fi base station radio

What’s next

We’re going to provide a behind the scenes look into the development of this project and the other smaller experiments happening around it. You’ll get to see the progress as well as the fails, hopefully humanising the technology and making it a little more approachable for people of all tech background levels.

Electronics being tested in the field

We have several current and future trials being run here at Hillside Station and in the south at Eneabba that we’ll be talking about in future articles. These will include their specs, reasoning behind design decisions and the end results, to demonstrate use cases for your own properties and projects.

Check back here regularly or on our social accounts for the latest updates and announcements. We can be found on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.